Baby Wipes, Wet Diaper Bags, and Other Cloth Diaper Accessories

If you’re a mom, you know that baby wipes, baby supplies, and other baby necessities can take over your life. Diapers are one of the main things that seem to get out of control. Open up your purse – diaper. Open up the closet – diapers. Open up the diaper bag – diapers, diapers, diapers. There may even be nights where you think you’re dreaming about diapers and the sundry supplies that go with them. If diapering is on your mind while you hunt for the last pack of baby wipes, consider switching to cloth diapers from Kanga Care. Switching to cloth diapers can streamline the amount of diapering supplies you own and carry, save you money, and be healthier for your little one.

Fewer Diapers, Cleaner Environment, Less Hassle

Households with diapering age children go through thousands of diapers, and guess who gets to haul all of that around? Instead of lugging bulky packages of disposables, consider the switch to cloth diapers. Where thousands of disposable diapers have gone before, a few sets of adjustable Rumparooz can take over. Choose your one size diapers that work from six pounds right up to thirty-two pounds, choose your inserts for absorbency levels, and you're off. There’s no need to stuff forty disposable diapers into your bag anymore. For travel, you can even rely on the Kanga Care wet diaper bag. It holds up to fifteen used diapers in a sealed bag for easy travel until you can reach the wash again. Best yet, you get to cut down on the amount of waste you’re contributing to the environment by nixing those yucky, disposable diapers.

Clean as a Baby’s Bottom After Baby Wipes

Cloth diapers have a false reputation of being messy and unhygienic. Nothing could be further from the truth with Kanga Care cloth diapers. Our special double leg gusset keeps the mess in and not on clothes, eliminating accidents and making our diapers the best around. Super absorbency cloth inserts can be doubled for babies who make big messes. Clean up is as easy as can be. Simply dump solid waste into the toilet and toss liners and pads into the wash cycle. That’s it. No crazy sanitation. No annoying chemicals or unknown ingredients on your baby’s skin. No laundry service that you need to wait for or pay for. You, your baby, diapers, and a washing machine can get the job done. Make diapering as simple as loving your baby. Grab the baby wipes and go with Kanga Care cloth diapers today.