Cloth Diaper Covers are Practical and Stylish

When you diaper your baby with a cloth diaper, covers are needed. But just because they are needed does not mean they have to be plain and boring. Nothing about your baby should be boring, and Kanga Care understands that!

Kanga Care Brand Cloth Diaper Covers

Kanga Care, based out of Golden, Colorado has a variety of diapers and cloth diaper covers to make keeping your baby clean, dry, and adorable as easy as pie. The Rumparooz style of One Size Cloth Diaper Covers are designed to grow with your baby. They are made to fit over any fitted or prefold diaper and may be used multiple times before washing. If they become soiled they should be washed, but if they are only wet, they can be wiped dry with baby wipes. With their amazing system of snaps, these covers adjust to four sizes as your baby grows so they can be used from birth (8 lbs.) to potty training! For preemies and smaller newborns, Kanga Care makes the Lil Joey, which has the added advantage of a snap down to keep the diaper off the cord stump and make care of that sensitive area easier. Lil Joey covers adjust to 3 sizes to fit babies from 4 lbs. to 12 lbs. The Rumparooz, Lil Joey covers, Kanga Care one size, and newborn covers come in 16 wonderful colors and 16 prints from plaids to florals to polka dots to just plain cute! For those who are serious about the environment and want organic products for their baby, we make the EcoPosh Wool Covers from soft stretchy knit that is waterproof and durable. They come in two sizes and fit perfectly over our Recycled Organic Fitted Diapers, pre-folds, one size cloth diapers and the EcoPosh Training Pants. These wool diaper covers are breathable and absorbent without feeling wet on the outside. They come in two sizes, one for 8 to 20 lbs. and one from 15 to 35 lbs.

Why Choose Cloth?

So why would you choose to use cloth for diapering anyway? Don’t we have disposable diapers and disposable liners and baby wipes? Why not just throw that mess all in the trash? First of all, babies are more likely to have diaper rash with disposables, Second, our landfills are not designed for human waste, but that is what goes into them every time someone throws out a disposable diaper, not to mention the sheer volume! Finally, your family can save a lot of money over the two and a half years that your baby is in diapers by investing in cloth at the beginning. Disposables are expensive, and with Kanga Care Brand stylish, cute, and adjustable cloth diaper covers, there is no reason not to use cloth for your baby!