Cloth Diapers are an Economical Way to Diaper Your Baby

Cloth diapers may be a way for your family to save money on diapering your baby. If you’re a new mom, diapers are about to become a fact of life. With thousands used per baby between birth and two years of age, you’re going to go through a lot of them. What is the advantage of diapers made of cloth over disposables, however? Cost is an obvious concern, but what is the environmental impact? Are non-disposable diapers healthy? All of these are great questions, but with Kanga Care Rumparooz diapers, you don’t need to worry. Our simple system is hygienic, easy to use, affordable and great for your baby and the environment. Switch away from expensive and chemical-filled disposable diapers, and find the Rumparooz cloth diapers that are right for your baby today. More Affordable Than Disposable Diapers While the up-front cost of reusable diapers may seem a bit higher, over the diapering life of two years, these diapers can save you hundreds. Why? Disposable diapers cost an average of 25 cents per diaper – adding up to well over a thousand dollars by the time your baby is potty trained. Diaper services have a similar cost – if your area even offers them. In contrast, you can spend a few hundred to get set up and replace cloth reusable diapers over that same amount of time. With Rumparooz, you can buy a variety of styles and pads and diaper sizes that can adjust with the growth of your baby, reusing your diapers until they wear out instead of tossing money out with each disposable diaper. Save your money for baby clothes, toys, and family outings, and not on diapering! Cloth Diapers are Easy to Use and Hygienic Aren’t diapers a pain to keep clean, though? Nope! Rumparooz make diapering easy and sanitary. Simply put the absorbent liners of your choice into the pocket, fit your diaper to your baby and you are good to go. Diapers should be changed hourly on younger babies and every few hours on older babies, ensuring that sensitive skin stays dry and clean. When you need to clean your diaper, simply dump solid matter into the toilet and throw the other pieces into the wash. Voila! Clean diaper! With Rumparooz from Kanga Care, you can even select your absorbency level by choosing from a variety of natural fiber absorbent pads that can be stacked for super absorbency. Rumparooz's special double inner gusset keeps messes in the diaper, and not leaking, for even easier care. Ditch the disposables and go with cloth diapers today!