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Diaper Covers Can Be Both Attractive and Practical

Diapers are a necessity, and sometimes so are diaper covers. Any diaper that does not have a TPU waterproof layer, will need an additional diaper cover to offer this protection from leaks.

From Polka Dots to Basic Black

Rumparooz covers come in a variety of fun prints and vibrant colors to match any outfit or look you could imagine for your baby! If you prefer to keep your diaper cover conservative, we have gray, white and even black. Do you want something traditional? No problem! Our covers also come in pink and blues, yellow, green and more! This versatility will save you money, because the one size cover you get for your newborn will last until he or she no longer needs them. You will not have to buy any more as your baby grows.

How Do Rumparooz Diapers and Diaper Covers Fit All Sizes?

We manage this magic with an ingenious system of snaps that allow you to adjust not only the waist size, but also the rise; thus, they can always get a perfect fit. It is important to have a good fit to prevent the hassle of leaky cloth diapers. This is not a one-size-fits-all scheme; those usually turn into one-size-fits-no-one. Since our one size diapers adjust in two directions, they really can fit any baby, long or short, slender or chubby, and keep the mess in the diaper, not on Grandparents, Uncle Bert, or you!

Rumparooz Make a Fine Art of Versatility

As well as our covers, we also carry Rumparooz one size cloth diapers. These are pocket diapers, which means you can increase their absorbency by inserting one (or both) of the 6R soakers into the pocket, which is a feature that not all cloth diapers have.

We Also Make Ecoposh Products

Kanga Care actually has three lines of one size cloth diapers, Rumparooz, Rumparooz OBV and Ecoposh OBV. Ecoposh is our best line of environmentally aware diapering supplies. Our Ecoposh adjustable diapers are made in part from recycled water bottles, and do everything the Rumparooz do, but are entirely organic! This line comes in softer, more organic colors in one size, newborn and even includes organic training pants. These training pants are a great choice for potty training, because they pull up just like big kid pants. So take your choice and follow your heart; whether you want a color for every outfit, or environmentally conscious, Kanga Care has you and your baby’s bottom covered. We also have accessories, so check out all of our great baby products, especially our diaper covers. Your baby’s bottom can be both stylish and secure!