Newborn Diapers: What You Need When Babies are Extra Small

The tiniest babies need special newborn diapers to keep them dry and comfortable, and here at Kanga Care we are proud to make some of the best cloth diapers for all newborns!

Special Newborn Diapers are Needed for Preemies and Newborns

One size cloth diapers are great for most babies, but newborn babies have special needs, especially when they are premature. Kanga Care’s award-winning Lil Joey diapers for newborns are designed to fit babies averaging four to twelve pounds. These easy to use diapers have our patented dual inner gusset system that keeps diapers from leaking, keeping the messiest of messes locked in. These specially designed cloth diapers have an extra benefit: a snap-down cord care feature to prevent irritation of the cord stump. Once the cord stump has healed, the cord snap feature may be left un-snapped. Because newborns and preemies are so small, we make our Lil Joey diapers absorbent enough that no soakers are needed. Since they are already waterproof, no additional diaper covers are needed. All of these special features mean that your extra tiny baby can be just as comfortable and happy as possible. Kanga Care also makes EcoPosh diapers for newborns, for environmentally aware parents. EcoPosh diapers for newborns are made out of recycled water bottles, bamboo and organic cotton, and fit newborns from five to fourteen pounds. The entire diaper is seven layers thick, and is not waterproof; so a newborn diaper cover is needed.

Lil Joeys are All-in-One Diapers

Being all-in-one means that the diaper is complete and requires no fussing with extra pieces, pins, or diaper covers. Just two simple snaps, and baby is ready to go again, dry and comfy. All newborns are tiny, and preemies are even more so. By making diapering as easy as possible with these special newborn diapers, it is our hope to help new parents feel comfortable and confident when caring for their newborns.

We Want Cute Right From the Beginning

No matter how tiny, we still want our babies to be dressed in fashion forward patterns and solid colors. and Lil Joey comes in 16 vibrant colors and 16 highly sought after patterns – just like Rumparooz! All babies grow quickly, and once your little one weighs more than seven pounds you can begin to transition to Rumparooz adjustable one size cloth diapers, which will fit your baby until they are ready for training pants. EcoPosh diapers are available in five organic colors. So for your extra small baby, remember that we make two kinds of newborn diapers, to start them off right.