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What Do I Need for Cloth Diapering

What Do I Need for Cloth Diapering?

Cloth diapers are a staple for cloth diapering, backed by accessories like wet bags, pail liners, changing pads, fasteners, laundry solutions, liners, creams, and lotions. Your precise needs depend primarily on your unique diapering circumstances, such as your budget, your baby's age, gender, and how busy you are during the day.

A bundle is the most convenient and affordable way to get cloth diapers and accessories. The items in the bundle are well thought out and work well together, which saves you the hassle of putting one together yourself. As you will be buying in bulk, you will also spend less money.

Kanga Care's Bundle All In Original Pack 24+ and Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diapers Original Package of 24 are some popular bundles offering comprehensive options at the ordinary level.

When Can I Start Cloth Diapering?

You can start diapering in cloth at any point during your child's diapering stage, though the best time to begin cloth diapering is at birth.

Kanga Care offers diapering solutions for your kids from birth through the end of potty training.  Rumparooz One Size diapers grow with your baby and you can introduce them at any stage. Kanga Care designed Lil Joeys to fit newborns.

If you are undecided about cloth diapering and want to try it out first, we offer various diaper bundles to introduce you to cloth diapering.

Here are Kanga Care's trial bundles:

How Do I Choose My Cloth Diapers Bundle?

You choose your cloth diapers bundle by considering your circumstances which include the following:

  • Your child's age – Your baby's age determines the size of the diaper they wear and the necessary level of absorbency. It will also determine the quantity of diapers needed in the bundle. Newborns wet more frequently but in smaller quantities. This changes as they grow, and their cloth diapers must keep up. Rumparooz One Size & Lil Joey Newborn Cloth Diapers Bundle is the best bet for your newborn and beyond.
  • Your child's gender – It is true that boys and girls face different diapering challenges, especially as they grow older. Girls wet more towards the center of the diaper, while boys wet heavier in the front. However, the Rumparooz 6R Soaker is designed with specific settings for extra absorbency “up front” and “in the middle” regardless if the diaper is being used for a girl or a boy. The 6R Soaker comes standard with the Rumaprooz Original and Rumaprooz OBV and is available in Microfiber, Hemp and Bamboo, making nearly every “Try It, “Do It” and “All In” bundle the gold standard for ease of use in the modern world. The adaptability of the Retro flat and prefolds bundles is also best suited for the varying absorbency needs of either gender. Fortunately, these bundles come in a vast array of colors and prints.
  • Your budget – however, do not compromise on quality. Even the largest “All In” bundle, everything you need to cloth diaper, birth through potty training, costs the same as only buying 3 months of disposable diapers.
  • You and your helpers' level of comfort and expertise with cloth diapering. Choose a diaper that's easy to use. Our All-In-One cloth diapers are the simplest to use, followed by one size pocket diapers. Go for bundles with all the essential accessories to give your helpers an easy time.

Which Are the Basic Cloth Diapering Requirements for a Newborn?

Your newborn needs ten to twelve diaper changes in a day. To diaper them adequately, you should have a full day's supply of cloth diapers as you launder what you used the previous day.

Here is a list of the items you need to cloth diaper your newborn adequately and hassle-free:

  • 24 cloth diapers (if you are using prefolds, you also need ten covers)
  • At least two wet bags; three is better, and four if you don't have a pail liner to hold your dirty diapers before washes
  • At least one Changing Pad; two is better so you have a clean one while the other is in the wash
  • One Package of Washable Liners
  • Wipes
  • Diaper creams and lotions; cloth diaper safe
  • Cloth diaper sprayers to spray poo off the diapers before storing them in the wet bag (we recommend the SprayMate and sprayer for hassle free diaper spraying)

While you may not afford to have everything on this list, if you have the basics, you’ll have less hassle diapering. Kanga Care also has a Baby and Gift Registry, create an account today!

Which Cloth Diaper Bundles Are the Best?

The best cloth diaper bundle depends on your circumstances.

However, here are the most basic ones upon which you can build:

  • All In Original Bundle (24 Diapers + Accessories)
    24 diapers
    Four wet bags
    One wet bag mini
    One changing pad

This bundle has everything you need in all diapering stages until potty training. Moreover, we allow you to choose from any colors and prints in stock.

These bundles are bare bones, so if they do not meet your needs, you can choose from any other Kanga Care bundles.

Cloth diapering makes diapering convenient and affordable. Choose Kanga Care cloth diaper bundles to give your baby a comfortable, sustainable, environmentally-friendly start!