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Hemp Cloth Diaper Inserts Best for Absorbency

Hemp Cloth Diaper Inserts: The Best Cloth Diaper Inserts for Absorbency

Every parent wants a diapering solution that keeps their baby dry and comfortable without burning a hole in their pocket. Times are hard, our environment is under stress. A practical diaper fabric must consider all these factors when making absorbent inserts.

Better than most options in the market, hemp cloth diaper inserts manage to keep your baby dry conveniently, safely, and affordably without causing undue stress on the environment. They have superior absorbency, are cost-effective, and are kind to your baby’s skin.

You can also combine hemp with other inserts for better results. Kanga Care designs Hemp 6R Soaker, Microfiber 6R Soaker, and Bamboo 6R Soaker to mix and match. Therefore, you can customize them to get the absorbency your baby needs.

Different types of cloth inserts and benefits

Usually, manufacturers make cloth diaper inserts of bamboo, hemp, and microfiber. Although these three are all absorbent and soft, they all possess various properties and different benefits.


Microfiber inserts are the most economical and absorbent of the three options. They absorb moisture quickest and dry fastest, which is especially useful with newborns who wet more frequently but in smaller amounts than older babies. Kanga Care understands that and makes the microfiber their primary absorbent in the Rumparooz diapers.

Microfiber fills up the fastest, but you can easily overcome this by pairing it with hemp or bamboo.


Bamboo is a natural and soft fabric with the highest absorption capacity of cloth inserts. It has exceptional wicking capabilities as well as antibacterial and thermal regulating properties. Bamboo is ideal for older babies who wet heavier than newborns but farther in between.

Kanga Care makes its Bamboo 6R Soakers out of 50% bamboo, 30% polyester, and 20% cotton, strengthening the fabric and making it durable. Bamboo is also very eco-friendly. The plant is quickly replenishing, and the material itself is readily biodegradable.


Hemp is a highly absorbent natural fiber. The Hemp 6R Soaker is the only Kanga Care insert with 100% natural fibers, 55% hemp, and 45% organic cotton. This blend of materials improves the insert’s absorbency, making it eco-friendlier and more suitable for sensitive skin. Hemp inserts are also very trim, which makes them easier to handle. 


Cotton fabric is widely regarded as a beneficial choice for inserts, which makes it the ideal blend in our Kanga Care Hemp 6r Soaker. As a 100% natural soaker, this insert can also be laid directly against baby's skin. This blend is also desirable in out potty underwear, the Ecoposh Training Pants. Cotton has long been the gold standard when it comes to underwear or socks. Cotton fabric is exceptionally soft and gentle, making it comfortable against a baby's skin. It does not cause irritation or itching, allowing the baby to move and play freely without discomfort. Cotton is a natural fiber and is generally hypoallergenic, making it less likely to cause allergic reactions or skin irritations. For this reason, organic toddler socks made of cotton and cotton or organic cotton and hemp blends in inserts and underwear are a top choice for parents of children with sensitive skin.

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6r Soaker Insert Comparison Chart

Why Hemp Cloth Diaper Inserts Are Your Best Choice

Hemp is a superior diaper insert choice to make your diapering years as comfortable as possible for your baby.

The benefits of hemp inserts include the following:

  • Superior absorbency - Hemp 6R Soakers have a combined thickness of 7 layers of absorbency – 4 layers in the med/large soaker and 3 layers in the contoured newborn soaker. This absorbency is helpful when on the go and at night, which allows you and your baby the rest you need.
  • Antimicrobial properties – Hemp fiber’s bioactive compounds, like cannabinoids and alkaloids, are effective against a range of harmful bacteria which cause rashes and discomfort for your baby and which cause an unpleasant odor in your inserts.
  • Eco-friendly – Hemp is fast growing and replenishing, which is environmentally sustainable. It is durable, which is a good return on investment on the resources used. Kanga Care’s hemp inserts are also 100% organic, a blend of hemp and cotton, which makes them readily biodegradable.
  • Gentle on your baby’s skin – non-abrasive, breathable, safe, and comfortable fibers against the baby’s skin. You can use it as lay-in absorbency for diaper covers.
mix and match hemp and microfiber 6r soaker

Conquer Wetness with a Mix and Match of Microfiber, Hemp, and Bamboo

You can open up a world of endless possibilities through the different combinations of our Hemp 6R Soaker, Microfiber 6R Soaker, and Bamboo 6R Soaker. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses, and combining them plays to their best features.

With only one or two types of 6R Soakers in the Rumparooz pocket, you can create at least 42 unique combinations. With this potential in your diaper bag, you are ready to conquer all wetness issues your baby may have.

A popular and efficient combination is microfiber and bamboo. In this case, the microfiber will absorb the pee quickly, and the dense bamboo hold the pee longer. As a result, your baby will stay dry for a long time with no leaks.

Choose Kanga Care 6R Soakers Today

Our Kanga Care 6R Soakers are available in:

  • Microfiber: it comes as standard inserts with Rumparooz
  • Bamboo: comes standard with  Ecoposh OBV and Rumparooz OBV
  • Hemp: this is an upgrade option; therefore, they are sold separately.

Each of the three 6R Soakers comes in a set of two inserts: a small contoured insert and a full size. The small contoured insert is a three-layer thick Newborn Insert with two snaps. At the same time, the full size is a four-layer thick one-size insert with numerous snaps. The snaps enable you to customize the inserts to various absorbency levels and sizes per your baby’s needs.

It is good to note that the Bamboo 6R Soaker and Hemp 6R Soaker will require prepping before use since we make them from natural fibers. To prep your Soakers, wash them in hot water with no detergent, then tumble dry them on high. Repeat this process three to five times. The Microfiber 6R Soaker does not require prepping. Mix and match the Kanga Care 6R Soakers today and enjoy maximum absorbency!

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