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    Rumparooz Wins #1 Best Cloth Diaper 10 Years In A Row!

    Celebrating a Decade of Excellence: Why Rumparooz Are the Best Cloth Diapers For the 10th year in a row the Rumaprooz One Size Pocket Cloth Diape...
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    2017 Cloth Nappy Award Winners!

    What are the Cloth Nappy Awards? View all winners here The 2017 Cloth Nappy Awards is the second annual industry-wide, consumer-focused awards spe...
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    2017 MadeForMum Award Winners!

    Who is MadeForMums? View all winners here As the UK’s biggest parenting reviews site, we know our audience trust and rely on our completely honest...
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    VOTE! 2016 Kanga Care Award Nominations

    WE HAVE BEEN NOMINATED! • 3 Places to vote! How To Vote: Click HERE to vote! The above link will take you to the "Nursery" product page The ...
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    Seal of Approval Winner - Fall 2014

    The National Parenting Center just released their Seal of Approval Winners and guess who won??? Rumparooz!!! This is our second award in a month a...

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