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    Clue 3: Kanga Care Discovery

    Lets get this crackin'! OH NO! We got a call from Admiral Charlie with the tragic news none of us wanted to hear. The Kanga Care Royal family came ...
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    Clue 2: Kanga Care Discovery

    Gifts, yes gifts! Princess Destiny, has found out some IMPORTANT information. The royal family is so frustrated that they have reached out to YOUR ...
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    Cloth Diaper Poem - She's a Rhymer!

    We ran a little contest on our Facebook Page this month and asked our fans to come up with some cloth diaper rhymes. This was a LOT of fun and rea...
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    Valentine's #BabyMineValentine Giveaway!

    Our hearts (brands) are just BURSTING with love (prizes)!  We have over $6000 in prizes to share with THREE families! Happy Valentine's Day! Sc...
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    Labor Day #WorkforceGEAR Giveaway!

    RELAX! You've earned it, you hard working maniac!  For all you do, we thought it was high time for a reward - so how about a massive giveaway? H...

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