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    DIY Solar Eclipse Viewing Glasses & Activities

    Over the moon! Will you be viewing the solar eclipse in your state August 21st?! View map here to see if it will be crossing your path! Either way...
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    Kanga Care Birthday Bash Giveaway Winners

    Thank you for joining us during our week long birthday bash! We have the BEST fans! If you are a winner below please email:
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    Kanga Care Birthday Bash Pinterest Hunt

    Create your dream Kanga Care Pinterest Board while searching for the clues to win one of each product that is an answer to a clue! How to Play? ...
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    Kanga Care • Pinterest • Easter Egg Hunt

    Hop into Easter with Kanga Care Here's how to begin the hunt: 1. Create a new, public Pinterest board titled: "Kanga Care Easter Egg Hunt." 2. ...

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