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    Rumparooz Modern Cloth Diapers Review By Nigerian Moms

    Here's a nice clip of a review of the Rumparooz Modern Cloth Diapers By Nigerian Moms. We love seeing our Kanga Care products all around the world...
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    Kanga Care : Rumparooz Good Fit

    The Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper is 4 diaper sizes in ONE diaper. Everything you will need from birth (6 lbs) to potty training (35+ lbs)...
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    Washing and Caring for Rumparooz Cloth Diapers

    The number one thing to remember when washing and caring for your cloth diapers is they are just another load! There is no magical solution that yo...
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    DVD Bloopers from Kanga Care and My Baby Experts

    Need a giggle this morning? This is a little shot of us behind the scenes recording a DVD with My Baby Experts a while back. Oldie but goodie. :...
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    Beautiful Time Lapse Video - From Bump to Buzz

    If you happen to marry a man that is a musician you may want to do this one! I know I would! I have to admit, my husband can't carry a tune in a...

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